2023-06-21 11:43:22

CMDB Specialist

A leading IT business consultancy who are staffed by a team of global industry veterans and digital specialists is looking for a CMDB Specialist to join their growing team.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain the CMDB: The CMDB Specialist is responsible for creating and maintaining the CMDB to ensure that it accurately reflects the IT infrastructure of the organization. This includes working with IT teams to identify configuration items (CIs) and document their relationships.
  • Implement CMDB policies and procedures: The CMDB Specialist must create and implement policies and procedures for the CMDB to ensure that it is used effectively and efficiently. This includes defining the data model, data governance, access controls, and change management processes.
  • CI identification and tracking: The CMDB Specialist must identify, track, and manage CIs in the CMDB. This includes working with other IT teams to identify new CIs, updating the CMDB with changes to CIs, and retiring CIs that are no longer in use.
  • Configuration item relationships: The CMDB Specialist must establish and maintain relationships between CIs in the CMDB. This includes defining the dependencies and interrelationships between CIs, such as dependencies between servers, applications, and databases.
  • Change management: The CMDB Specialist must work closely with the change management team to ensure that all changes to the IT infrastructure are properly documented and tracked in the CMDB. They must also ensure that all CIs impacted by a change are properly identified and updated in the CMDB.
  • Reporting: The CMDB Specialist must be able to generate reports from the CMDB to provide insight into the current state of the IT infrastructure. They must be able to provide detailed reports on CIs, their relationships, and their attributes.
  • Compliance: The CMDB Specialist must ensure that the CMDB is compliant with ITIL best practices and other regulatory requirements. They must also ensure that all data in the CMDB is secure and protected.
  • Training and documentation: The CMDB Specialist must provide training and documentation to other IT teams on the use of the CMDB. They must ensure that all IT teams understand the importance of the CMDB and how it can be used to improve IT service delivery.


Coverage Hours

  • Be available between 10:00AM till 6:00PM AEST time, Monday to Friday.


Interested candidates, please send your CV to gihan@mytechjobs.lk